About Me

My name is Laine Lee. I was born in Ocala, Florida, on January 12, 1957, the son of Archie Laine Lee and Anne Davis Lee. I received my high school diploma as valedictorian from Red Bay High School in Red Bay, Alabama in 1975. From 1975-77 I attended Memphis State University in Memphis, Tennessee, then transferred to the University of Alabama where I received a Bachelor of Music degree in May, 1980. I pursued a career as a free lance musician in Memphis and elsewhere in the southern United States as a trombonist and keyboardist in various bands until accepting a job for a newly developed theme park in San Antonio, Texas, in February, 1992. In September of that same year I entered the graduate program in music at The University of Texas at San Antonio, assuming responsibilities as a teaching assistant in the area of music technology. Shortly after, I assumed a staff position in technology at UTSA from which I recently retired, and have continued to pursue music in work and hobby.


In 1998 I recorded and produced an album of my own songs called Note for Note. Note for Note was originally produced as an Interactive CD, but, of course, the computer platforms supported have long since evolved past compatibility. Although I was awarded a Masters of Music degree in trombone performance in 1995, the music on the CD consisted entirely of my own compositions and performances by me on vocals and keyboards. It was quite literally a one man project. It was a commercial failure, but I prefer to refer to it instead as a mimento, and to provide the music here free of charge. The second track, “I Have to Believe in Your Love”, was submitted to the Billboard Magazine Song Writing Contest in 1988 and actually received an honorable mention. You may download the songs in aac format using the links below. Dropbox will invite you to sign in or create an account, but you should be able to bypass that by choosing the link to start the process, then “No, thanks”. Be careful about using the Dropbox playback for these in a web browser, it may be more hideous than deserved, although playback seems to work quite well from within the Dropbox application on mobile devices. Just keep in mind that sometimes you get what you pay for. The downloads won’t be very fast, of course, but once downloaded, they should play correctly in any media player such as VLC or iTunes.

Track 1: Secure in Your Love.m4a
Track 2: I Have to Believe in Your Love.m4a
Track 3: The Love in my Voice.m4a
Track 4: Don’t Tell Me.m4a
Track 5: All the Time.m4a
Track 6: If You Say.m4a
Track 7: I Can See Him.m4a
Track 8: Dandelion.m4a