Absird for Mac

Some 20 years ago, I became interested in Autostereograms. It was already at least several years after their popularity had peaked. Several years after working with them, I was able to port an old freeware Unix executable distributed by a gentlemen named Keith Goldfarb into Apple’s then free Xcode environment to create a graphical user interface for creating Autostereograms using a Mac. I haven’t upgraded it into the more complex Mac developer environment for use with the current Mac App Store, but if you’re comfortable tweaking GateKeeper to allow older or outsider apps to work on your Mac, you’re invited to play with Absird. A shortcut for getting around GateKeeper is available on my Really Quick page. Download from my Google Sites repository below.



3 thoughts on “Absird for Mac

  1. I seems not to even work with the files coming with the download. It generates a message: “Some of the information isn´t valid. Please check each item.” I´m on Yosemite. What else can I check. Thank you.

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    • Try setting the output destination preferences to your desktop and making sure the output file name is very simple, such as “output”. It should rename the output file for you if you run the operation a second time without specifying a new name. There may be caveats I’ve forgotten, but I did install a clean Sierra boot volume and downloaded and tested from there. Thanks for trying it, and good luck.


    • Also, I seem to remember that this app may be finicky with all but the most common characters in file path names. Spaces, underscores, and hyphens should be OK, but other higher ASCII characters may trigger the error. There may also be transitory errors. If I get the error, I can often simply select one or both source images and choose the destination folder again to make it go away.


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